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Truck Guide

When you want to buy a heavy-duty truck, you must take the following five points into consideration: 1) Operation conditions and deployment plan of heavy-duty truck; 2) overall performance; 3) fuel consumption rate; 4) humanization and safety of heavy-duty truck 

First, operation conditions and deployment plan of heavy-duty truck. Before taking action, one should take the following issues into consideration: the reasons why you want to buy a new heavy-duty truck, the country, region, section, road condition, transportation laws, restricted conditions and other issues such as which kind of cargo, bulk, ore sand, liquefied cargo or dangerous chemical cargo? The load and carriage volume that you need, whether it needs auxiliary equipment for fastening or sheltering or not? and so on. If you deeply thought of all these problems above, you also need to learn about the road toll, tilting force limit at rest, transport vehicle range and laws, number of axles, carriage volume and load, etc. In addition, its durability is a factor easily to be ignored, but it has direct influence on the operation benefits of the truck.

Second, overall performance of truck, including model, width, height, carriage material, manufacturer, sales and use data, return and repair rate, engine model, function, power, and manufacturing plant, etc. You should keep in mind that the overall performance has an enormous impact on the success of truck operation companies or owners. Once you have determined the quantity, hauling tracks and the road transportation market shares, then you should take the purchase of truck with accurate performance and specification on the schedule according to the laws and regulations or universal rules in road transportation market. Never being affected by its beautiful appearance and ornaments, you should pay more attention to engine power, torque, drive gear box, axle ratio, wheels and tyres, etc. In a word, you shall think whether the truck has enough engine power to carry full and complete cargo first, whether the brake technology and properties of cooling system, exhaust system, air conditioning system and transmission equipment are excellent, or whether the specification is correct? These factors are essential to normal use of truck, and the key components such as brake system will have low wear, and increase its safety and stability. The buyer never forgets to keep engine oil consumption and operation cost at a low level after finishing the rated task, only in this way can the operation benefits be maximized.

Third, consider fuel consumption rate. Under general conditions, the fuel consumption cost takes a large part in operation cost. Now, with fluctuation of fuel price at a high level, the fuel charge becomes a large portion in transportation cost of heavy-duty truck, already over 40%. Therefore, to reduce or control the fuel consumption rate of truck engine is an issue inevitably considered by transportation companies or truck owners, and it is normal and effective to lay stress on the fuel consumption rate at the beginning: 1) engine model and power; under normal conditions, each increase of 5PS for engine will have 2% of fuel consumption; 2) aerodynamic deflector should effectively reduce aerodynamic post pulling effect, the gap among power units should be very tight; because both will reduce fuel consumption by 6%-20%, which is considerable; 3) the limited speed and cruise control speed should make truck energy-saving; 4) you should learn about that the fuel-saving function of the heavy-duty truck with semi-automatic or full-automatic drive devices is superior to that with manual drive devices.

Fourth, humanization and safety of heavy-duty truck. Truck when the choose and buy, must from the perspective of law, the parties to seriously consider heavy trucks human safety conditions, the content associated with occupational labor safety and health conditions including heavy card properties, such as heavy card cab windshield vision, on both sides of the reflector, steering, clutch, lights, lights, and all kinds of equipment and facilities required by laws and regulations must meet safety standards; The driver seat, seat belts, airbags and vehicle traction attachment must be safe.Vehicle collision avoidance system and warning system must improve driver's fatigue, speed and braking device must be qualified, inside and outside the cab mechanical noise conforms to international standards, and related mechanical parts quality qualification, has a replacement warranty certificate and so on. At the same time, be sure to carefully check, including cabin decoration, color, color, type and appearance, both inside and outside the driver seat and the co-pilot seat style and fabric quality. Because, clean, neat, comfortable, the equipment layout is reasonable and internal decoration heavy card inside and outside appearance can help you to trucking company or the owners beautify the company's image, easy to drum up business, let the truck driver to improve self-esteem, focus on their work, active maintenance vehicles and willing to it.