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Corporate Culture

Build a century-aging company and ascend to world first class

Interpretation: To enhance CNHTC’s capability against all risks by mechanism transformation and improvement of core competitiveness, and make CNHTC brand reputed at home and abroad, and to keep up with the development of international vehicle industry step by step and realize international level in management, technology, products, performance, quality, reliability, environmental protection and energy conservation, safety and other aspects for the purpose of making the company well known in the world and irreplaceable in China.


Scientific development, rational management, careful operation,to obtain maximum benefit

Interpretation: To put the scientific outlook on development into practice, effectively improve core competitiveness and establish a scientific decision-making mechanism, perform operation according to laws, and take full advantage of objective conditions for making the best decisions, and reasonably allocate all resources for organic unification of social benefits and enterprise benefits. 

State-of–the–art products are made with morality and personality,and dedicative to the society

Interpretation: Behave First, Do Second, Moral Quality Utmost. The quality of the enterprise is fully embodied in technology, products, service and prestige as well as every work of staff. CNHTC pays more attention to self improvement besides supply of quality products for the society, and strives to manufacture top heavy-duty trucks and be well-qualified CNHTC people. 

One step is in position. Each step is in position

Interpretation: Every employee should strictly finish work in high standard, have clear target and responsibility, treat work with full enthusiasm, and aim to make all jobs reach world advanced level and occupy the market commanding height. To settle a matter at one go in work is to let everyone make his or her own job well done, so as to make all jobs keep up with enterprise development at the optimal state. The enterprise’s duty will be well accomplished only if every staff works hard and responsibly.  

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